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Modena Curved Top ECO Receptacle for 32-35 Gallon Wheeled Trash Cans

Modena Curved Top ECO Receptacle for 32-35 Gallon Wheeled Trash Cans

  • Model Number:
    MCTRE-35W | Wheeled Trash Cans Not Included

Designer Notes

The Modena Curved Top Eco Receptacle for wheeled trash cans is Wishbone's latest breakthrough in municipal waste management. Designed to seamlessly blend with the aesthetic of our Modena series receptacles, this innovative solution addresses the challenges posed by rising product and labor costs. Firstly its ground-breaking unibody design allows us to manufacture these at a considerable savings with-out compromising strength and functionality. Secondly, what sets it apart is its versatility in accommodating up to 35 gallon wheel trash cans commonly utilized by municipalities for residential waste collection. By integrating these trach cans into the receptacle, our unique design ensures a clean and cohesive appearance while maximizing efficiency. When it's time for disposal, operators can effortlessly retrieve the trash can without the need for heavy lifting. Thanks to the compatibility with the mechanical vehicle system used in residential pick-up services, emptying the receptacle is a hassle-free process, eliminating cumbersome maneuvers and reducing labor requirements.

Super Durable Standard Powder Coat Colours *

*Due to variations in the types of screen resolutions available, colors represented here may vary slightly from the actual colors. Please contact Wishbone if you would like to have actual samples.