Lisa Patterson

Vancouver School Board

“At Hasting Elementary, I’ve been checking up on the furniture and the bright red Bayview Hex Tables look good as the day they were installed! A lot of schools purchase wood furniture, and it just doesn’t last in our climate. That’s why I thought of Wishbone, because it lasts and looks great. The Wishbone benches and tables are used all the time, they’re just a great addition to school. I’ve had so many positive comments from parents and children, and other community groups are using them too.”

James Wright Memorial Bench

Janet Wright (Central Saanich)
“When the bench arrived, March 19 ,2019 it was more beautiful than I ever imagined – it’s just perfect. So many people walk by the bench and comment on how lovely it is, and in what a beautiful spot. We appreciate the work you do!”

“Just under two years later, people still walk by and will start up a conversation, usually commenting on the bench and that they use it or pass by frequently. When I’m sitting and having my coffee, I tell them the story about my son, and that also adds to the community connection. I love that bench so much, I’ve seen more of them around the community recently too.”

Brian Doddridge

Deputy Corporate Officer (Village of Hazelton)
“I can tell you that we’ve been very happy with our Wishbone products so far, and we’re looking forward to our community having a matching aesthetic across the board. Right now, we have a real mish-mash of garbage bins and other furniture so Wishbone’s consistent product appeal will make a big difference. Also, working with Katie has been excellent, she has been quick to respond to my one-thousand emails!”

Greg Van Soest

Parks Planner: Rocky View County, AB
We have had great success with all Wishbone products! The animal proof Freedom 32 waste receptacles have exceeded our expectations in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Regarding benches and picnic tables- our operations group have provided positive feedback when conducting inspections - recognizing the composite seating material having resisted fading and years of use as expected!

Terry-Lynn Dryfhout

Manager Communications & Investor Relations of Elim Village - Surrey BC

Elim Village purchased 25 Mountain Classic Benches from Wishbone Site furnishings in Jan 2009. Over 8 years later, they are all still providing excellent seating for our residents and their guests and are holding up beautifully.

C Johnson

North Van resident

My husband and I were taking a walk in North Vancouver and I decided to stop for a quick rest on a city bench. Once I sat down I immediately told my husband “You’ve got to try this!”. It was the most comfortable bench I’d ever sat on. I noticed a product tag on another bench further on down Capilano Road, and wrote down the phone number. From there I contacted Wishbone and received a quick response and pricing for the identical all-metal “Mountain Classic” bench. Fast forward to the completion date and Wishbone even delivered the bench (including going down some tricky stairs!).

Thanks for providing such excellent service and an amazing product!

Leigh Anderson

Public Works Clerk City of Rossland

I would like to pass on our thanks to you and your amazing staff for all of their assistance and hard work in making our downtown revitalized and beautiful.  It has been a few years now since we have installed our bear proof waste bins, recycling bins, benches, bike racks, and picnic tables.

They are weathering very well and still look new, even though the snow and ice try their best to wear them down.  It is exciting ot see so many people sitting in our downtown core enjoy a coffee or ice cream or just taking a break from their day.  Our downtown has been transformed into a welcome place for people to socialize and rest and just feel at home. 

You and your staff have been very helpful when we have needed adjustments made on garbage bins, new decals sent out (valdalism - they seem to go missing) and any time we have had to order new items for other parks around town.  We are installing picinic tables, garbage bins and benches that match the downtown in our parks around town as we are so happy with the durability of the product.

We apprecialte all youe hard work and are very satisfied with your product.  Thank You.

Wishbone Double Recycling Station in Rossland BC
Wishbone Freedom 32 Bear Proof Waste Receptacle in Rossland BC
Wishbone Freedom 32 Waste Receptacle and Mountain Classic Park Bench in Rossland BC
Wishbone Mountain Classic Park Bench in Rossland BC
Wishbone Mountain Classic Straight Bench in Possland BC
Wishbone Parker Picnic Table in Rossland BC

Derek Mahoney

Manager, Landscape & Contract Services University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus
We have been extremely happy with our Wishbone outdoor furniture. The colour has held up well to constant sunlight and there is very little wear showing from wintering outside over multiple seasons. The value we are seeing from the longevity the furniture is displaying is excellent.

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Modena Park Benches UBC Okanagan Kelowna BC1 1f3707b9662c3d2be684096a1dd0b34b

Town of Stettler

Heartland Beautification Committee
We are very pleased with the Wishbone Bottle/Can recyclers that are attached to our downtown garbage bins. They are attactive and work very well. With the "Bottles and Cans'" decal, they are very recognizable as a recycling point for bottles and cans. Having no lid, they are easily accessible to those who may wish to take the bottles and cans for a recycling refund. The Bottle/Can recyclers enable us to achieve two goals: bottles and cans get recycled, and those in need get a little financial help without rifling through the garbage bins.

Kevin & Gay Ross

Osoyoos, BC
My wife and I just wanted to pass along our compliments on the street furniture installed along the waterway in Peachland, BC. Your design looks rugged and the walkway lighting will probably be very pretty at night (the days are quite long now, so weren't in Peachland late enough to see them). The combination of reclaimed plastic and wrought iron makes for a pleasing combination. The foot-operated garbage receptacles are a nice touch, too. Anyway, if we hadn't seen your company's tag embedded in the plastic slats we wouldn't have known who to contact to pass along our compliments - great idea! Take care.

Beselt Solid Top Waste receptacles Parker Picnic Table and Rutherford Wide Body Bench Peachland BC
Wishbone Rutherford Wide Body Bench with LED lights Peachland BC

Delta Hospital Foundation
I was so impressed with Wishbone's product line that I also ordered trash receptacles to match! We are delighted with the quality product and service we received from Wishbone and look forward to dealing with them again in the future.
Dave Kalvianen
Town of Banff, Alberta
We are very pleased with the curb stops...they are a fantastic product. I used 60 of them to define a few parking areas in our industrial park area, Warren is using his at our community arena parking lot, and Dougal has used the majority of his to create a parking lot near the train station.
Tualatin Hills Parks

"We are very pleased with the quality"

"They have great products to offer"

Doug Wilson
Manager of Parks FVRD (Chilliwack, BC)

"Highly durable and easy to maintain"
"We have been receiving many positive comments"
"Approved the picnic tables and the benches as our standard"
"I would highly recommend Wishbone"

Loren Koerber
President Montrose Youth Action Team Society (Montrose, BC)

"Easy to work with, highly recommend them"
"A wonderful product made from 100% recycled materials"

Gordon Goodman
Sr. Project Manager, Centimark Roof Systems

"Polyboard passed with flying colours"
"Vastly superior compared to standard fibreboard"

Jackie Ralph
Port Hardy Skate Club Society (Port Hardy, BC)

"Polyboard wasn't as slippery, had a much better grip"
"They came through for us"

Donald Allen
North Central Crew Chief, Seattle Parks and Recreation

"The Logo garbage cans are an attractive addition to a public park setting"

"The logo makes the cans easily identifiable as belonging to Seattle Parks and Recreation."

Phil Rinn
B.L.Arch. Intern Landscape Architect Site360 Consulting Kelowna BC
"Wishbone offers great service and competitive prices for recycled, environmentally-friendly, and low maintenance site furnishings that we have used in a variety of urban and rural projects. We are very pleased with the quality and durability of their products."
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