Modena Square Top Waste Receptacle

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Modena Square Top Waste Receptacle

The Modena Square Top Waste Receptacle was the first waste receptacle we designed to consider the more recent problem of large amounts of household garbage ending up in public trash cans. We focused on limiting the size of the opening on the top to waste that is primarily generated through fast food establishments and not having the top removeable a good start in diverting the larger bags that typically have household waste in them. (In some communities this is as much as 40%)

Features such as the lockable side door, powder coated all aluminum construction, 100% recycled plastic planks, and 36 gallon capacity mean fewer cleaning and upkeep visits by maintenance crews.



Product Specifications

100% Recycled Plastic Slats

  • This product will not rot, splinter, or warp reducing maintenance costs over the life of the product.
  • Colours Available: Black, Grey, Redwood, Sand, Walnut

Durable Powder Coated Aluminum Frame

  • Standard Colours: Brown Slate, Victor Ridge II, Nordic Lichen, Timeless Rust, Grey Gold, Textured Silver, Precious Sand, Groovy Red, Black Textured, Earth Clay, Noble Bronze, Modern Khaki, Flame Red, Pastel Orange, Signal Violet, Traffic Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Water Blue, Yellow Green

Long Lasting Stainless Steel Hardware
Lockable Front Door
Easy Clean and Accessible Side Opening Design
Aluminum Liner
Surface Mount


Customized Solutions

Product Dimensions

Height: 39 inches / 991mm
Width: 24 inches / 610mm
Depth: 24 inches / 610mm
Opening: 8 inches / 203mm
Capacity: 36 US Gal / 136 L
Weight: 130 lbs / 59kg

Recycled Content

  • Recycled Content By Weight: 55%
  • 100% Recyclable

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