Approved Builders

Quality decks are built with Passion, Integrity and Accountability

We here at Wishbone understand that you want a builder who is going to be a trusted partner, someone who understands your investment and is invested in the job. That is why we have partnered with great, high performance, builders across Vancouver who share our values.

Below, we offer some of our Perma-Deck approved builders, so that you get high performance deck of your dreams!


Region: Island North
Range: Qualicum to Duncan
Ph: 250-514-6622
IG: @WhalleyWorks

Jamieson Carpentry

Region: Okanagan Region
Range: Vernon to Penticton
Ph: 250-864-4520
IG: @JamiesonCarpentry

All Hands On Deck

Region: Metro Vancouver East
Range: Coquitlam to Abbotsford
Ph: 604-836-7150

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