Wrap 45

Model Number: WP-45s

45 Gallon Drum Not Included

Designer Notes

The Wrap 45 is designed to fit around metal 45 gallon drums in Canada and 55 gallon drums in the US. It’s an ingenious solution to the typical 45/55 gallon drum issues of rusting, tipping, cumbersome trash removal, gathering rain water and being a target for excessive local household waste. Its exclusive design secures the bin off the ground with a band that wraps around the circumference of the drum. A hinge-and-pin system enables the bin to swing securely forward for ease of trash removal.
The cap prevents rain and local household waste from entering the bin and can be custom welded at different heights depending on the application. The pole itself can be made as high as necessary and can even incorporate wayfinding signage or LED lighting. Available as a surface mount or direct burial.

Don’t forget to add a bottle and can recycler to divert bottle and cans from the waste stream! Lots of folks will be happy you did.


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