Freedom 32 “Animal Resistant Including Bears”

Model Number: HFB-32 All Metal Design | HFB-32A All Metal With Ad Panel Insert Option | HFB-32S All Metal With Recycled Plastic Siding (as shown)

Freedom 32 “Animal Resistant Including Bears”

Designer Notes

The Freedom 32 Animal Resistant (Including Bears) Waste Receptacle improves on several traditional designs in the market by focusing more attention on ease of use, aesthetics, and maintenance. It has gone through extensive testing and has received official bear proof accreditation, certified by “Living With Wildlife Foundation” .

Some of the key design improvements that make this unit unique include.

  • A redesign of the traditional loading door from the standard “pocket” hand-operated latch system found on many animal resistant receptacles to an innovative foot pedal. Easy to use, the pedal provides a very convenient way to dispose of waste with-out having to worry about touching anything with your hands. 
  • Many communities have issues with residential garbage ending up in the public waste receptacles The  design is intentionally restricted to a smaller opening dimension on the loading door to make it more difficult to put large objects in.
  • A hidden door latch system for accessing the waste makes it easier for the maintenance folks to maintain. Don’t have to worry about locks or keys anymore.
  • Front opening door design allows more flexibility for positioning on a street scape.
  • The curved back ensures water runoff and does not become a resting spot for objects.
  • A summer/winter conversion kit is also available that disables the foot pedal (which can be under a foot of snow in some areas in the winter) and allows for the installation of a handle on the loading door during this time.

Watch a Video of the Bear Test

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Product Testimonials

  •  I would like to pass on our thanks to you and your amazing staff for all of their assistance and hard work in making our downtown revitalized and beautiful.  It has been a few years now since we have installed our bear proof waste bins, recycling bins, benches, bike racks, and picnic tables.

    They are weathering very well and still look new, even though the snow and ice try their best to wear them down.  It is exciting ot see so many people sitting in our downtown core enjoy a coffee or ice cream or just taking a break from their day.  Our downtown has been transformed into a welcome place for people to socialize and rest and just feel at home. 

    You and your staff have been very helpful when we have needed adjustments made on garbage bins, new decals sent out (valdalism - they seem to go missing) and any time we have had to order new items for other parks around town.  We are installing picinic tables, garbage bins and benches that match the downtown in our parks around town as we are so happy with the durability of the product.

    We apprecialte all youe hard work and are very satisfied with your product.  Thank You.

    Leigh Anderson
    Public Works Clerk
    City of Rossland

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