Freedom 32 “Animal Resistant Excluding Bears”

Model Number: HFAH-32 All Metal Design With Handle On Loading Door | HFAH-32A All Metal Design With Handle On Loading Door and Ad Panel Insert | HFAH-32S Handle On Loading Door and Recycled Plastic Siding (as shown)

Freedom 32 “Animal Resistant Excluding Bears”

Designer Notes

The Freedom 32 Animal Resistant (Excluding  Bears) Waste Receptacle is for those communities where animals other than bears are continually accessing the garbage and creating challenges for the maintenance crews. Partial list of animals include squirrels, rats, racoons, crows, ravens, magpies, and sea gulls. Following the design cues and benefits of the Bear Resistant version it improves on several traditional designs in the market by focusing more attention on ease of use, aesthetics, and maintenance.

Some of the key design improvements that make this unit unique include.

  • Spring loaded hinged loading door ensure the door stays closed and makes it difficult for smaller animals from opening
  • Many communities have issues with residential garbage ending up in the public waste receptacles The  design is intentionally restricted to a smaller opening dimension on the loading door to make it more difficult to put large objects in.
  • A hidden door latch system for accessing the waste makes it easier for the maintenance folks to maintain. Don’t have to worry about locks or keys anymore.
  • Front opening door design allows more flexibility for positioning on a street scape.
  • The curved back ensures water runoff and does not become a resting spot for objects.

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