Beselt Square Top Waste Receptacle

Model Number: BST-24

Beselt Square Top Waste Receptacle

Designer Notes

Suggesting a classic mailbox, the Beselt Square top was created with aesthetics and practicality in mind. This design addresses all the user groups from landscape architects, contractors, maintenance crews, through to end-users. The one-of-a-kind pedal mechanism provides a hands-free experience for the user and closes tightly enough to prevent most critters such as squirrels and birds from accessing the interior. The innovative hidden side door release makes it easy for maintenance crews to empty the bag without having to carry a key or struggle with frozen locks. The actual receptacle opening was designed specifically with a limited 6” or 8“ opening to deter local residents from disposing of their household trash. The solid, non-removable top with a slight curve makes water flow away from the interior of the unit. Available with custom cast lettering on the waste door and bottle/can recycler baskets (see Installation Gallery).

Beselt Square Top Video

Available Recycled Plastic Lumber Colours

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Installation Gallery

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Product Testimonials

  • My wife and I just wanted to pass along our compliments on the street furniture installed along the waterway in Peachland, BC. Your design looks rugged and the walkway lighting will probably be very pretty at night (the days are quite long now, so weren't in Peachland late enough to see them). The combination of reclaimed plastic and wrought iron makes for a pleasing combination. The foot-operated garbage receptacles are a nice touch, too. Anyway, if we hadn't seen your company's tag embedded in the plastic slats we wouldn't have known who to contact to pass along our compliments - great idea! Take care.

  • “stand up to the elements”

    “easy to clean and visually appealing”

    “bottle/can recycler baskets are used and emptied by others”

    “no animal issues at all”

    “no breakages or malfunctioning of the pedal operation”

    “overall, the waste bins are a success in design and use”

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