Urban Form Two Stream Recycling Station

Model Number: UFRS-44

Urban Form Two Stream Recycling Station

Designer Notes

This unit is essentially a two stream version of our popular Urban Form Waste Receptacle. The clean, minimalist look of the Urban Form family of products matches well with contemporary architecture and design. The non-removable solid top design and 8” openings restrict the size of the materials going into the unit such as household waste and also keeps out water and critters. An open-bottom design makes is easy to clean inside the unit as well the ground underneath when the liners are removed. Minimal fasteners and clever lumber-in-channel design mean that the recycled plastic boards can be easily replaced if damaged.  The unit can be customized to suit any combination of waste streams (general waste, bottle, can, paper etc.) and labeling can be in the form of decals, caste lettering on the loading doors or custom routering of words in the recycled plastic.

Important also to the design is the careful consideration given to the folks using it and the folks charged with the responsibility of maintaining and cleaning.

No one likes touching the loading door. How about hands free operation with the use of a foot pedal? This can be ordered as an option.

Keys are always getting lost or locks are getting busted. It can be ordered with an option keyless entry system that makes emptying and cleaning a breeze. ” Where did you put those keys?”

Available Recycled Plastic Lumber Colours

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