Bottle & Can Recycler

Model Number: BCRSS-10S Square | BCRSS-10R Round

Bottle & Can Recycler

Designer Notes

When it comes to recycling at street level, the Bottle & Can Recycler is the most effective solution ever!  This unit is designed to capture a recycling stream that is often poorly-managed and sometimes completely ignored. People will feel good about placing their recyclables into this practical unit instead of in the garbage or on top of the bin. The simple, stainless steel, no-maintenance design allows anyone to remove recyclables without having to rummage through the actual trash, thus creating a better experience for everyone.  Available in a curved or square version and can be fixed to virtually any receptacle (see Installation Gallery)

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Product Testimonials

  • We are very pleased with the Wishbone Bottle/Can recyclers that are attached to our downtown garbage bins.  They are attactive and work very well.  With the "Bottles and Cans'" decal, they are very recognizable as a recycling point for bottles and cans.  Having no lid, they are easily accessible to those who may wish to take the bottles and cans for a recycling refund.  The Bottle/Can recyclers enable us to achieve two goals:  bottles and cans get recycled, and those in need get a little financial help without rifling through the garbage bins.

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