The "JOHN" Pit Toilet Building

Model Number: PTR-6 (Regular) PTR-6H (Handicap)


Designer Notes

The “John” Outhouse addresses many of the issues typically associated with outdoor latrine buildings for every user group. Most outhouses are brought to semi-remote locations and take considerable time to assemble. The John was strategically designed as a modular system that could be put together with minimal tools and time. The tongue-in-groove recycled plastic lumber slats fit seamlessly into channels with only a few hidden fasteners (also making the unit theft and tamper proof).  The other benefit of plastic lumber is significant odour resistance.  Traditional outhouses made of wood absorb moisture and odours that are virtually impossible to eliminate. Conversely, recycled plastic lumber will not rot or take in moisture (any by extension those bad smells) and can be sprayed with bleach or disinfectant without damage. After cleaning excess water simply drains out the sides from the raised walls. Lack of lighting has also been addressed with a translucent one-piece roof.  The roof slides onto the top of the outhouse effectively “capping” the entire unit and provides ample protection from the elements while still allowing in light. From a maintenance perspective it is easy to transport, build, clean, and maintain. From a user perspective it is bright, open, and possesses amazing odour control.  Wheel Chair Accessible Model available.

Outhouse Assembly Example

Available Recycled Plastic Lumber Colours


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