Urban Space Round Picnic Table - All Aluminum

Model Number: USPT-70 Regular | USPTWC-70 Wheel Chair Accessible Version

Urban Space Round Picnic Table - All Aluminum

Designer Notes

Ideal for high-traffic seating areas in parks, campuses, urban settings and more, the Urban Space Picnic table is designed to encourage face to face interaction. This modern, all aluminum design has several key benefits. Spacious seating and rounded corners throughout make it both comfortable and accessible providing seating up to as many a 8 people. The top surfaces are “perforated” with an attractive pattern to reduce the temperature of the metal in direct sunlight by decreasing surface area and increasing airflow. This feature also discourages graffiti. The pedestal and cantilevered seat design makes it easily convertible to wheel chair accessibility by omitting one of the seat sections. There are intentional blank sections on the table top and seat sections that be used for customization purposes. During the manufacturing process we can C&C router logo’s or inscriptions for branding or dedication purposes.  From a maintenance perspective the powder-coated aluminum is simple to upkeep and seat sections can be removed easily if needed.

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