Urban Form Full Back Park Bench

Model Number: UFFB-6 (6 ft) UFFB-5 (5 ft)

Urban Form Full Back Park Bench

Designer Notes

The concept of this series was to design a group of site furnishings that reflected a modern, angular, and minimalist aesthetic, popular in contemporary architecture today. The Urban Form Full Back Park Bench keeps the traditional full back seating concept maximizing the length of the backrest in relation to the seat. In keeping with the clean look this bench is meticulously finished with framed-in lumber and no exposed hardware.  The slightly raised slats on the seat and back make for a very comfortable repose. This model is a delight to look at from any angle without compromising the benefits of recycled plastic and aluminum construction. Keeping with our environmental stewardship efforts the bench design minimizes waste and maximizes recycled content.

Available Recycled Plastic Lumber Colours

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