Turisno Park Bench - ALL METAL

Model Number: TOB-5 (Powder Coated Aluminum) TOSSB-5 (Stainless Steel)

Turisno Park Bench - ALL METAL

Designer Notes

Similar in shape to a low back couch, this all metal bench boasts a sturdy frame, unique vertical slats and graceful, comfortable angled armrests. This design represents an effort to think outside the box regarding form, function, and comfort.  Firstly, is for our clients that constantly struggle with graffiti and vandalism issues. The minimal metal slats seriously limit the amount of available surface that can be used as a graffiti artist’s ‘canvas’ . Secondly, the thinner slats tend to be not as hot in direct sunlight as there is maximum air flow around them minimizing high temperatures and while still maximizing comfort. Wondering where the name came from? Check out the Wishbone Team in the “About" section of our web site.

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