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Merry Christmas from Wishbone! ❄

Thank you to all those who specified and purchased Wishbone site furnishings – you are the biggest part of our success! We wish you peace and prosperity this Christmas season.
  1. Introducing The Urban Space Bike Rack
  2. Wishbone Bench & Bronze Sculpture
  3. Product photo of the month

Introducing The Urban Space Bike Rack

Highly visible and ready-to-brand with logos or wording, the Urban Space Bike rack design combines great aesthetics, functionality and flexibility. Multiple lock-through points allow a wide range of bicycle styles and lock types.

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Wishbone Bench & Bronze Sculpture by Nathan Scott for the Lacombe Police Station

Wishbone provided the seating component for this commission piece located at the Lacombe Police Station.

The new police station features a cast bronze sculpture of a police officer on a bench at the main entrance, which helps create a warm and inviting environment for the public. The sculpture, created by renowned Canadian artist Nathan Scott, is the newest addition to the City’s public art collection, and was commissioned through the City’s Percent for Art policy, where one percent of qualifying municipal construction budgets is set aside to cover the costs of implementing and developing the public art collection.

“It was a real pleasure creating this sculpture, and I hope that the people of Lacombe will enjoy it for generations to come,” said artist Nathan Scott.

Here is a short article from The City of Lacombe
Watch this short video of sculptor Nathan Scott as he builds the public art piece for the Lacombe Police Station.

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Image of the Month - December 2016

Rutherford Wide Body Bench in Peachland BC

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