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May 2017 (Flood Special) CANADA

It has been a very wet Spring in BC with lots of rain and melting snowpack swelling the creeks and rivers. Lake Okanagan has hit a record high with still more to come. As you can see, our Wishbone Benches are getting a little wet these days! Hopefully the rising waters settle and people can get back to enjoying the views.
  1. Introducing The City Scape Waste Receptacle
  2. Donation to Emmanuel Church West Kelowna
  3. AIBC Annual Conference 2017
  4. Product photo of the month

Introducing The City Scape Waste Receptacle

An integral part of any site furnishings family: the waste receptacle. This unit has a small footprint, openings on both sides for easy access, and a funnel design that ensures all waste is directed towards the internal liner. Solid top and rectangular opening are designed to deter locals from disposing household waste.

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Donation to Emmanuel Church West Kelowna

Every year Wishbone sets aside funds to help out organizations in the communities that we sell to. This help can come in the form of financial aid or a donation of our site furnishings. One organization we committed to several years ago was Emmanuel Church in West Kelowna, BC. They strongly believe in community and in order to serve the community better recently embarked on a large expansion to include a 600 seat auditorium and commercial kitchen. The project funding was limited and unfortunately there was not a lot left over for exterior seating. Community support can come from inside as well outside and we felt we could help out by putting a little “icing on the cake” so to speak.

Thanks to everyone for their part in making this happen.

AIBC Annual Conference 2017

Wishbone was thrilled to be a first-time sponsor & exhibitor at the AIBC Annual Conference. In addition to great brand exposure we gained a better understanding of relationships between the Landscape Architect firms we already deal with and the Architects they often overlap with on certain projects. Attendees enjoyed taking outdoor breaks throughout the day on our Urban Form, City Scape, and Annison series. 

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Image of the Month - May 2017

“After the Flood” - Rutherford Picnic Tables from 2005 at Gellatly Nut Farm in West Kelowna BC

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