• Wishbone Rectangular Self Watering Planters at the Edmonton Valley Zoo
  • Wishbone Custom Gabion Bench at Royal Island Hospital in Kamloops BC fp
  • Wishbone Skyline Bench at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops BC fp
  • Mountain Classic Bench and Beselt Square Top Waste Receptacle in Lloydminster Alberta
  • Whale Tail Bench Victoria BC
  • Wishbone Rutherford Wide Body Bench in Vernon BC
  • BayVirew Bench in Grande Prairie Alberta
  • Wishbone Custom Skyline Gabion Benches at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops BC fp
  • Wishbone Modena Curved Top Double Waste Receptacle in Surrey BC fp
  • Wishbone Urban Form Waste Receptacle at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops BfpC
  • Wishbone Urban Form Custom Garbage and Recyling Receptacles 1
  • Rutherford Angled Leg Memorial Benches at David Lloyd Care Home in Kelowna BC
  • Wishbone Modena Bench In Penticton BC
  • Kingsey Park Bench Uninversity of Alberta Edmonton Alberta
  • Wishbone Larson Memorial Benches in Nelson BC
  • Mountain Classic All Metal Bench in North Vancouver BC
  • Wishbone Parker Picnic Table in Peachland BC
  • Wishbone Urban Form Easy Access Waste Receptacles in Carlsbad California 2
  • Rutherford Wide Body Bench in Peachland BC
  • SurRe Bench in Surrey BC
  • Wishbone Rutherford Wide Body Bench at
  • TENAJ Straight Bench in Surrey BC fp
  • Wishbone Urban Form Picnic Table Desrochers Subdivision in Edmonton Alberta

Solutions for the Future…

Wishbone Site Furnishings is a proud Canadian manufacturer raising the bar on innovation and design while maintaining practicality and functionality in site furnishings since 1995. We build exceptional products, provide incomparable service, and deliver outstanding value. Our products delight customers and users alike, not just when they are new, but even after many years of active service. Longevity and ease of maintenance are as important to our designs as style and uniqueness.

…from Pieces of the Past

As passionate as we are about form and function, we believe great products do not need to come at the expense of the environment. All Wishbone products are made from recycled or sustainable materials, creating beautiful solutions that work better and last longer than alternatives. Environmental stewardship is important to our customers and central to Wishbone— we love to create something useful from something used.

Creative. Functional. Durable. Unforgettable.

Innovations For 2017

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